friends that protect you from the crowd while you fucking jam hard as hell bc they see youre having the best time are my favourite kind of friends

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if u dont think i’d do some fucked up shit for concert tickets then u are dead wrong 

Anonymous asked: I was at sonic boom too! It fucking rocked

YOOO!! ikr! the crowd went hard as hell

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!!! that is … your face has been touched by an angel

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oh yeah and matt did this

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me and matt shultz made eye contact so many times and we so had a connection everyone around me was fighting and pushing and i was just chilling and jamming so hard omg i love front row

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ohhhy gosh matt and mark my loves

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alex t spat on the stage im laughing

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hoooooly fucking shit i was just barricade left to centre for cage the elephant and foster the people im about to die

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if you stare at me in public my self esteem will drop 100%